Sept. 25-28 2006
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SECON 2006 Tutorial - 802.11s: Wireless Local Area Mesh Networking Standard


Date: Monday, Sep 25, 2006 Time: 1:30 PM - 5:00 PM



Network communications with end devices is increasingly wireless. Many standards for wireless networking are now taking the next step to support mesh architectures in which data is commonly forwarded on paths consisting of multiple wireless hops . This tutorial will explore the 802.11s standard being developed to add mesh capabilities to the wireless local area networking (WLAN) standard, commonly known as Wi-Fi, with particular attention to routing and security issues.

List of Topics Covered:

Any Expected Background Knowledge from Attendees:
Attendees are expected to have some limited background in wireless networking, particularly 802.11 (Wi-Fi).

Speaker Biographies:

Donald Eastlake is the Chair of the IEEE 802.11 Mesh Networking Task Group which is developing the 802.11s amendment to support wireless local area networking and was active in the earlier development of the 802.11i security standard. He is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Motorola Laboratories, co-chairs the IETF TRILL working group, and is author or co-author of about 1% of all IETF RFCs ever issued.

Susan Hares is founder and Chief Technology Officer of NextHop Technologies and one of the world's leading experts in routing technology. She is co-chair of the IETF Inter-Domain Routing (IDR) working group, a past member of the NANOG (North American Network Operators' Group) steering committee, and co-author of the LWAPP protocol in the IETF CAPWAP working group.

Meiyuan Zhao is a Network Security Architect at Intel Research. She is an active participant in the security architecture design for the 802.11s amendment. She is active in research on secure distributed systems, such as mesh networks, secure routing protocols, PKI systems, and applied cryptography.